Fight back against hair loss with Fierce Hair Growth

At Fierce Hair Growth, our natural treatments incorporate the latest technology to help your hair grow thicker, fuller and healthier, giving you a vibrant, youthful appearance and helping boost your confidence. There has been an abundance of research into helping treat hair loss. We have combined the best from our global search into treatments that get results.

While we are focused on new developments, our priority is to ensure our treatments are scientifically proven. Our breakthrough treatments are now available to the Australian market in simple, painless procedures that leave you free to get on with your daily routine after a short 10 minute session at one of our clinics.

A Few Words From Our Clients

“I’ve found the treatments have worked for me better than I had expected. I found the staff to be of an extremely high calibre. Overall an excellent experience & would recommend this particular salon to any of my friends that I thought would benefit from your services. Rating 5/5”


“There is always scepticism whenever a hair regrowth treatment is pitched to me – and then again, I am willing to give anything a try that might possibly improve my thin hair. After approximately 6 weeks of weekly treatment, family and friends were making comments about how much thicker my hair was looking. These people had no idea that I was having the treatment. After 10 weeks, I am really happy with the result. I am confident that the treatment has created new growth and that my hair is thicker. I am certainly not as self-conscious as I used to be. I will continue with the monthly maintenance program.”


“After experiencing hair loss for 10 years I had conceded to the fact that I was going down the line of baldness. Being then given the opportunity to use Growth Factors I have been amazed by the results seen in the short-term use of this product. After only 10 treatments my hair re growth has been exceptional with a thicker spread of new hair across the entire scalp. Each weekly treatment has been pain free and very time efficient making it a convenient treatment option to choose from. With only maintenance treatments required from now on, at a less frequent time frame, this makes Fierce Hair Growth an easy treatment for baldness in our busy lifestyle these days.”

Mike Hand

“Friendly, well trained staff members that are considerate of any discomfort during treatment. Any discomfort after the treatment is temporary (hour or so) but well worth it. I’ve experienced a little bit of hair growth (small finer hairs) as a result of my 10 week treatment. I am pleased with my results so far and cannot wait to keep going.”

Callum Perkins

“My hair was starting to thin out, particularly through the crown, when I decided to take part in the 10 session package earlier this year. After the first 3-4 sessions I started noticing my hair had regained some of its colour and was much fuller through the middle and frontal hairline. After the ten sessions, people close to me have noticed a real change in my hair and I’ve received a lot of positive comments. I still have a way to go with my monthly sessions but overall I’m very happy with the program and the results it delivered. ”


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