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7 Reasons Why Hair Loss Happens

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Keeping your hair is a requirement for carrying your youthful looks well into old age. Once hair loss begins, a person’s aging becomes clear. There are a lot of ways to prevent this from happening but the first best course of action is to get at the root of the problem by understanding why hair loss occurs.

Here are the common reasons why people lose their hair.

1. Disease

Certain illnesses can cause baldness. Hyperthyroidism or cancers like Lupus can cause your hair to fall. High fevers can likewise induce the loss of hair. Parasites like ringworms can also cause this if they happen to reside in your scalp.

2. Medicine or Treatments

If it’s not the disease, it’s the medicine. Monitor and take extra care of your hair when the doctor prescribes you anticoagulant, antidepressants, hormonal supplements, vitamin A, beta blockers, and medicines for gout and high blood pressure. Chemotherapy drugs, with their propensity to attack all growing cells in your body aside from the cancer cells, are also strong candidates for causes of hair loss. These medications can disrupt the growth cycle of hair follicles which pave the way for baldness.

3. Inherited through Genes

Unfortunately, baldness is destiny if blood relatives from your mother and father’s side are bald. Sometimes, genes can skip a generation so there is still a small chance that you won’t end up with no hair. In case you do, don’t worry as there are treatments being offered that can help restore your mane.

4. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata happens when your hair falls in small circular clumps which create coin sized bald spots on your scalp. Alopecia happens when the body’s immune system attacks the roots of the hair follicles. According to statistics by the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc, around 2% or 460,000   Australians received diagnosis that they are suffering from this condition. Although there is no cure for Alopecia Areata, treatments can help manage it and help recover hair.

5. Extreme Stress

If you’re undergoing some changes in term of your diet, routine, and sleeping habits, the stress that these disruptions bring can cause your hair to stop growing. This particular phase is called the telogen phase or the resting phase and is something that happens to your hair after years of steady growth. However, unnatural physiological stress can cause hair to go into resting phase which leads directly to their being shed from the scalp. Try to regain a sense of balance in terms of your activities and you can head off baldness caused by stress.

6. Vitamin Deficiency

Seeing more hair fall is a possible indication of deficiencies in Iron and Vitamin D. Try eating Iron and Vitamin D rich food like fish. If you have no room for fish or protein in your diet, some time in the sun in the early morning and supplements can help.

7. Hair Styling Products

What we do to our hair to make us look cool or good can end up doing some long term damage. Hair needs to be air dried or wrapped with a towel before being brushed. Corn rows and dreads actually choke the life out of hair. Brushing is good but brushing to excess can cause split ends. Minimize the use of styling gels or anything that promises maximum hold.

Once hair loss occurs and baldness becomes definite, the naked spot on your scalp shouldn’t define you. If you need help with baldness, you can get in touch with Fierce Hair Growth in order to get your confidence and crowning good looks back. You can call us at 1300 343 723 and we’ll schedule you for a session today.

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