What is the Fierce Hair Growth Treatment?

This treatment uses a combination of micro needling and growth factors to stimulate hair growth.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are protein molecules which are naturally produced within our bodies. Different growth factors do different things. Growth factors function to regulate cell division and cell survival. By scientifically mimicking the growth factors naturally found in the body to produce hair, we are able to stimulate these dormant cells and follicles to start producing hair again. The growth factors used during this treatment have 600 times the concentration that the body produces naturally, making the treatment incredibly effective.

How does this treatment make hair grow?

There are lots of reasons that our hair can stop growing. This treatment uses growth factors to kick start the cells and the hair follicle to start working again and regulate hair growth. See our reference on Growth Factors and the extensive research in the Scientific Journals listed on our site.

How is it different to other treatments out there?

There is no other treatment that does this. No other treatment can stimulate and regulate new hair growth.

Does it hurt?

No, it feels more like a head massage!

Am i suitable for this treatment?

You will receive a free consultation and assessment to determine your suitability. Anyone who experiences hair loss or thinning is able to have this treatment done – both men and woman!  See the article on the Hamilton Scale.

Why Micro needling?

The first part of the treatment is micro needling. This is to open up the epidermis of the skin to allow the growth factors to be absorbed in the dermis. It is NOT painful and feels like a vibration on the scalp.

How many treatments do i need?

The initial course is for 10 weekly treatments.

How long does each treatment take?

Each treatment will take less than 15 mins.

When will i start to see results?

The results happen very quickly! Many people see noticeable results by their 5th treatment. Results may vary according to individual differences.

How do you monitor my progress?

Each session is recorded with a series of photos. These are stored;securely for you to review. You will enjoy watching your progress

What happens after each treatment? What should i expect?

After the treatment, the area will start to feel warm. This will subside reasonably quickly! This is completely normal.

Can i do this treatment if I am using Minoxidil

Yes you may continue to use minoxidil.

How much does it cost?

A course of 10 treatments is just $3,500. Affordable payment plans are available. See Terms and Conditions.