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Top Treatments for Hair Loss

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When hair starts falling and there’s more of skin than a rich mane, it is very easy to despair. Worrying about hair loss never helps since stress will only worsen balding. Fortunately it is now relatively easy to find and apply the best solution according to its fitness to your unique needs..

Treatments for baldness fall into four different categories depending to their approach to the issue:

  • DHT inhibitors work to stop Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production which is a hormone linked to Alopecia.
  • Growth stimulants spur the growth of hair and thicken hair strands.
  • If DHT inhibitors stop DHT, Antiandrogens stop them from getting to the hair follicles. The key advantage of this treatment over inhibiting DHT is that there is no associated side effect that comes with disrupting hormone production.
  • Itchiness, redness, and flaking that leads to hair loss is caused by inflammation happening in the scalp. Anti-inflammatories can help to address this.


Fierce Hair Growth has compiled the following solutions to treat hair loss today.


Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, works by slowing the rate of hair loss in men and women. It also spurs the growth of new hair especially at the top of the head. So if your hair loss is concentrated in that area, Minoxidil can help. Unfortunately, once you start using the drug on your pate, you will need to continue using it lest you lose all the hair you’ve been trying to save.


Like other DHT, inhibitors like Propecia works by blocking the production of DHT. Before it found life as a hair loss solution, the drug was made in order to protect men from prostate cancer. Propecia effectively combines with Minoxidil since it paves the way for faster hair growth. Unfortunately, since it blocks hormone production, men can encounter side effects like lack of sexual drive or erectile problems.

Hormone Therapy

Unlike DHT inhibitors and Antiandrogens which block male related hormones, the purpose of this treatment is to introduce more estrogen in the system. This form of therapy is given to women encountering issues with hair loss during menopause. When this happens, doctors prescribe estrogen and progesterone in pills, topical creams, or patches to address hair loss and other symptom of reduced hormone production.

Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy uses a low-intensity form of laser in order to warm up and regenerate the hair loss under your scalp. Higher intensity lasers are used in order to permanently stop the growth of unwanted hairs. Laser light therapy is especially effective when balding is still minimal so consult your doctor at the early stages of baldness.  

Hair Transplant Surgery

Unlike the other types of therapy out there, this type of therapy uses hairs found on the back of your head which a surgeon implants on the thinning areas of your scalp. The basic kinds of this procedure can cause scarring but latest developments now offer scarless surgeries.

Microneedling and Growth Factors

This is the method prescribed by Fierce Hair Growth. During treatment we use microneedling equipment to open up pores in the  dermal layer of the scalp. We then apply a solution of Growth Factors to encourage the growth of hair. Don’t worry. Growth Factors are naturally occurring proteins in the human body responsible for cell renewal and growth. Using Growth Factors on your scalp will fire up the hair cells in your scalp, leading to the renewed vitality. Our treatments work in ten weeks or you get your money back for your first session payment.

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